Diplomat Adept DA380 – maximum comfort, outstanding ergonomics and technical characteristics


The Diplomat Adept DA 380 is a stationary dental unit that can be equipped with 6 instruments on the dentist’s table. The assistant’s panel can be configured with five handpieces. There is also an option of installing an intra-oral camera as an additional sixth instrument. The spittoon block-mounted chair design offers a vertical chair lift for more comfortable and ergonomic patient positioning during treatment. The programmable chair allows to customize and save up to six positions for each of four users. The unit components (upholstery, spittoon bowl, etc.) are available in a wide range of colours, giving our clients the opportunity to create a unique interior design.

Chair’s “Cradle-Move” 
Thanks to the so-called “cradle move” the optimum ergonomics and comfortable patient position can be reached within seconds.

Dentist’s panel DA380 
The dentist’s panel with an integrated electro-pneumatic brake enables easy and smooth repositioning. The arm it is fixed to is available in a standard or shortened version (half size). Thanks to the use of the latest technologies available on the dental market, the panel is equipped with a 7-inch colour display with capacitive touchscreen, electronic adjustment of water cooling system, torque adjustment for brushless micromotors and many more. It is possible to customize the settings of up to nine handpieces for each of four dental unit users.

X-ray and dental microscope
With the DA370 unit it is possible to make the most of supplementary equipment used in  dental office, such as X-ray units and surgical microscopes.


Due to revolutionary dental units Diplomat you can provide your patients with really exclusive care – either during preventive examination or a difficult dental intervention. Their technical level, ergonomics and progressive design guarantee top quality moving your dental practice several evolution steps ahead of common dental surgeries.

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